11 Mar 2016
Fully treated Mix and Master Studio, carefully designed room-inside-a-room setup to create a balanced monitoring enviroment

Soon I’ll be running live session streaming from SubSymmetry STUDIO ONE as part of the “Mixdown Insights” tutorials, with interactive chat for Q&A and music/production discussion …the chat section is always open even when the live stream isn’t online

I offer a private version of this service to some clients during mixing and editing phases of some projects; as an alternative for clients who need to sit in on studio sessions but might be on the other side of the world.

I’m currently waiting for surgery on my arms, but as soon as that happens, Mixdown Insights will be back in action! :) feel free to drop questions into the chat section in the meantime tho (login required, you can use FB login for the easiest route…theres no spam!); although i’m limited in how much i can use a computer at the moment so sometimes might be slow to reply

Video: offline

Studio Feed Currently Offline

Studio Feed Currently Offline

Chat: online