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Privacy | John Miszt


Your Personal information

Privacy is a serious issue in 2016, it seems every day privacy is being eroded, mainly in the pursuit of money, most frequently dressed up as some form of protection from evil; Privacy is important, everyone should care about it, this page tells you what data we store, how and why it is used, and how it is protected.

Info we store…

JohnMiszt.com keepa records of who uses the website, in order to better understand Johns audience (aka demographic), that information is not passed on to other services – although facebook login is offered, the only information collected by JohnMiszt.com is authentication information.

Information provided by you to us via (for eg Facebook) authentication services, is used strictly for access to contents of this website, it will never be sold, given away, or used for anything not connected directly to John Miszts Music; we’ll do our best to ensure that access to that data cannot be compromised, by keeping the website security tools uptodate and monitoring for known security flaws

Data Center

We use Dataflame.co.uk to host our content, a reliable and trustworthy data center that John has used for 15+ years; they do not have the ability to decrypt any encrypted data which is stored here, nor do they have access to the administrative areas of this website.

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