12 Mar 2016
John Miszt | Playlists

Going to start a new section in my blog, “playlists” featuring tracks by producers that have caught my ear, most of the music I listen to is all about kicking back and chilling; so that’s mostly the vibe you’ll find here, deep, atmospheric, melodic, liquid tech and minimal; stuff that’s equally good to chillout and listen to, as it is on the dancefloor.

kicking off with a beautiful track from a producer I’ve been listening to for a long time now, Fishy, his sound is always developing, and tracks from Sikey and Oversight.

Fishy – Big Hopes (Soul Bros. Records)
bigup Fishy on these lovely liquid vibes..

Sikey – Ariamis (Celsius Recordings)
More liquid from Sikey, new producer for me, love this tho

Oversight – Face to Face (ft Saron)

Awsome track, beautiful vocals, great Freebie from Oversight

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