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Music | John Miszt


Deep Soundscapes & Dirty Beats

Below are a small selection of the drum and bass/bass music tracks I’ve written over the years, my live set consists of approx. 60 tracks of atmospheric/liquid tech, most of them are only ever going to be a part of my live shows; harder styles are written in the traditional structure for release/dj performance.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them!

Several tracks are booked in to be remastered this year (look for the little mix icon)

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Exclusive Tracks & Sneek Previews

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I frequently put tracks up on soundcloud that are straight out of the studio, these tracks aren’t up for more than 48hrs unless they are a free download or promo for release; and most of the time they set to private listening only – but if you join up here, you’ll get exclusive access 😮

You can find my on Soundcloud and Facebook too of course, but I’m moving away from that way of connecting with my fellow junglists and bass addicts, i’m sure you have noticed that, well, “they aint as good as they used to be”, and while they provided a great platform early on, their constant drive to monetize (adverts) everything is just driving people away from fan pages (i’m lucky if my posts get shown to 0.1% of the 1.6K (all organic) fans i have on fb)… so if you are up for exclusive dubs that can only be heard here or in my 5MeO-DNB Live performances, join up and turn up the speakers!

Big love for the support!

Mini CD Icon – available now on release or coming soon (2016)
mini waveform icon – can only be heard in my 5MeO-DNB Live set for 2016-2017
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These tracks are que'd up for remastering at STUDIO ONE, stay tuned! – These tracks are que’d up for remastering at STUDIO ONE, stay tuned!
Exclusive Preview These tracks can only be heard in my 5MeO-DNB Live set
or as clips on this website until their official release date >

If you enjoy my music & free downloads

I give lots of my music away, and have lots more exclusive downloads coming soon to members who sign up or login via facbeook to this website.
All downloads have the option of choosing your own price or downloading for free; if you’ve enjoyed the downloads available so far, feel free to pay what you’d like towards them :)


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