09 Mar 2016

This is Jack :) saying “f*** off i’m sleeping.”

it was bound to happen i know, a cat picture, and sticking his tounge out; but this is Jack, my lovely (but very naughty, misbehaves whenever I cant give him the attention he’s demanding lol); tiny grey/blue little mog, he’s a total whimp, but by far the most efficient hunter of a cat I’ve ever known (fast kills, no endless playing with them, and not just for fun – previous cats I’ve owned have been useless, from being floundering ungraceful lumps of fur, to meowing loudly at whatever it wants to pounce on before launching itself and flopping to the ground with nothing to show for the random boost of energy; they didn’t do this much lol)

I have to take special precautions during fledgling season with Jack (when baby bird learn to fly), fortunately the precautions they seem to work (he gets restricted outdoor access, and he’s watched like a hawk till he’s brought back inside looking less than impressed); but he prefers mice anyway, so cant really complain? (except when he leaves half or a head for my breakfast in the morning *sigh*) –  he also quite likes frogs, but cant work out wtf to do with them, so inevitably brings them to me (thankfully unharmed but p***ed off) and I return them to the pond; not sure why he keeps bothering, maybe he thinks I eat them? …i hope he doesn’t think I’m French; i know 3 of my house mates were French including my business partner, but that’s a bit much aint it?? 😮

he started out life living with a stafffy, and before than a load of german sheppards, along with his behaviour (crouching down on front legs when he wants to play and wagging his tail haha) i’m sure he thinks he’s a dog :roll:


anyway that’s enough about Jack, had sweet F all sleep for the last 3 days because they’ve given me pain killers that turn me into an insomniac, so I’m probably going to have difficulty dealing with reality for the next 24hrs…no more cat pics (erm…well, maybe…)


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