22 Mar 2016

This one has been getting some love recently, feeding off my love of Arabic, eastern and psychedelic vibes, its an exclusive track from the down tempo version of my live set, 5MeO-DNB Live; which can be played at various tempos, in various genres and with slightly different vibes…

If you’ve followed my soundcloud since 2011, you might have heard a few incarnations of this track as it developed :) from now on the only way to get previews of tracks like that, will be through this website, hit the LOGIN button above to get access to those!

Eventually this will be performed with live guitar, and one day i hope with a sitar too!

If you’d like to hear more, it’ll be in my live set! (so get your local promoter to drop me a message on the Bookings section; my music is all about playing out live, the only stipulation is the vibe :) )

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