07 Mar 2016
Detached Audio Logo

if you are a regular on DNBFORUM, you probably know they just had a production competition for a Detached Audio EP release (you might still be able to hear the entries HERE); Detached Audio has asked me to do the mixing and mastering for them again, looking forward to it :) great mix of drum and bass, downbeat and even 44 style.

Big up Manu, Trônes de l’Obscurité and the Detached Audio & DNBForum crews for organizing the comp and ending up with a great EP; Shouts to all the entries, esp the winners, big up!

EP will be featuring a wide range of remixes by:

Trônes de l’Obscurité [Facebook]
Manu Forti [Facebook]
Belial Pelegrim [Bandcamp]

Website: http://www.detachedaudio.com/
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/detachedaudioreleases
Facebook: see blue Detached Audio link in text

Release Date: 22nd March

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