21 May 2016

Havent managed to keep up with my blog recently. Lifes merry go round doing its thing! But my Darker Skies LP, which I’ve been working on since 2010, is nearly ready for the press 😮

Artwork teaser for now ;P

01 Apr 2016

Pioneer DDJ-SB2 controlling Mixxx DJ software in Linux 😀 4 Decks, samplers & FX Racks; MPC (MPD) setup will be included soon aswell

Getting its first road test this weekend at T49, I went with the DDJ-SB2 in the end, considered the XDJ, but thought why pay 4 times the price when i already have 100 times the power in my laptop? its a great controller to, platters are nice and responsive, and it can control 4 decks, win! (although 4 dedicated mix section would make this controller perfect)

DDJ SB2 & Mixxx (on Linux)

DDJ SB2 & Mixxx (on Linux)

Very impressed by the Mixxx software, I’m running version 2.0.0 on Ubuntu 15.1, wasnt entirely straight forward getting it up and running, but not over complicated either; and the Pioneer controller was plug and play, including the built in audio interface; excellent work by the team behind Mixxx, thank you!

30 Mar 2016
XDJ700 shot

time for a new DJ controller, XDJ systems look like what I need; but are there any other good alternatives?

  • I want to be able to use Rekordbox, simply so that I have compatibility with CDJ2000’s
  • Stand-alone would be a significant plus
  • and/or audio interface
  • with extra inputs would be bonus
  • …compatibility with other pieces of software would be good to
  • (no serato/traktor locked controllers, i dont use either)

any recommendations?

27 Mar 2016
Ableton 9 in Linux

for years i’ve been wanting to use Ableton Live in Linux, and finally it works 😀 not sure why they dont do an official version, as from what i’ve read, the method used to run Live in Linux, is the same as the one Ableton used to get it running on OSX (another Nix OS); ie a translation layer which converts the Windows library/DLL calls into something that OSX or Linux can understand.

Wine Library for Ableton 9 32bitUsing Wine, i’ve got the 32bit version of Ableton 9 running without to much faff, but the 64bit version is proving more difficult, i cant get past the accept license page of the installation program :( if anyone knows of a solution, i’d love to know! I’ve setup all the libraries (see little image), graphics, audio, but i’m out of ideas now

For now i’m happy to play with the 32bit version, running off of SSD so i dont have the same latency issues as with a hard-drive, although it would be very useful to have full access to the 16gb of RAM; esp for my full live set 5MeO-DNB…that said, its going to be a good few months of testing and load/stress testing before i trust linux with a live set! …and i still need to work out the latency of the system, fingers crossed for <5ms

Ableton 9 in LinuxAuthorizing – this bit didnt want to work, I tried setting various browsers as default, but none of them would automatically Authorize ableton, in the end I did a manual authorization, downloaded the auz file to the laptop, and then realized I couldnt drag the file directly from the linux file manager onto Ableton; doh! so I faffed around a bit, using the Ableton browser and the “view file in explorer” option on the right click menu, i managed to open up the Wine File Manager, from there i could find the auz file and drop it onto ableton, done 😀 …i’m sure there is a simple way to open the wine file browser (“Windows Explorer”…almost), but i dont know what the simple way is lol

NB: I’m not in any way providing the above library information with any guarantee that it will work for you, i’ve installed ableton, got sound out of it, loaded clips and saved a project, nothing more, and definitely nothing complicated…it may well fall apart when i test it properly lol

26 Mar 2016
Bye bye windoze...

Finally ditched Windows from my laptop, after years of sitting with a bad posture and then years of (unbelievable) levels of pain because of damaged nerves, no more windows, ableton or nuendo on my laptop 😮

(well kind of, i’ve left a tiny little windoze partition, because sometimes i need to goto clients with projects when they cant get to the studio)

also 48hrs into Zero Nicotine and doing great 😀 woo n stuff