09 Mar 2016
APC mini & 5MeO-DNB Live set

You see “Live” on allot of fliers and PR these days, and most of the time, it doesn’t mean Live at all. 5MeO-DNB Live is a true live performance, based around ~60 tracks all written specifically to be played life via MPC drum kits, various controllers, live synths & FX, and remixing/editing the tracks on the fly.

5MeO-DNB Live Logo

Each of my tracks is broken down into 8 “stems”, and each of those feeds into a different buss so they can be manipulated by different FX.

On top of the stems, which provide the structure to the tracks, live MPC drum kits allow me to change the tempo, groove, vibe and genre of the music on the fly, both by performing live drumming, triggering drum loops and recording drumloops live.

I also use several racks of live synths, both Operator and Analog provide the basic sounds, and custom built racks of FX provide manipulation.

By using the APC I can control various elements of the track structure, and switch in and out different parts, for eg melodies/pads, percussion, basslines and more.

Right from the beginning of the conception of 5MeO-DNB, Live performance was always the end goal, and after 5 years hard work writing all the music, I’m now practicing and refining the set, aswell as performing at various events. Because of the versitilty of the set, I can play either purely Liquid/Tech Drum and Bass, Dark Dubstep, Atmospheric Ambient, Experimental Bass styles, and a combination of all of them… its as much fun to perform as it was writing it.

always expanding

I’ve always loved the Piano and Guitar, and over the coming months I’ll be incorporating both those instruments into my life performances; I already have several piano and guitar pieces that are a part of the set, but recorded and trigger via loops for now – once I’ve practiced a bit more, I’ll be up on stage with those instruments aswell as the digital kit…and then? who knows, there are many amazing instruments I’d love to incorporate, including the flutes used in some amazing Arabic music (checkout by track Abu an-num, Arabic translation: father of sleep – on the music page, login not required)

Where can i hear some?

If you are registered on this website, you’ll find loads of tracks that are a part of the live set on the MUSIC page (see menu above), aswell as in various blog posts now and again; its quick and easy to register, and you wont be spammed i promise; but you will get exclusive access to music that I will never be putting out anywhere except in my live sets. Currently live recordings are limited by the amount of time I have available between practicing/refining and my day job (engineering other peoples awesome music!) – you can register on the right hand side of this page :)

If you’d like to hear my set at your event, hit me up on the Bookings & Shows page (see menu above); I love playing to all different crowds and in different venues, currently focusing on the underground scene, where I love the freedom of expression rarely found anywhere else.

The overall vibe is designed as much for listening as dancing, and I feel most at home in 2nd rooms, chillout spaces, dark tunnels and fields.

Look forward to hearing from you or seeing you on the dancefloor

Big up!


5MeO-DNB (Tryptamine Escape) The Album  [ Artwork copyright © John Miszt. All Rights Reserved. ]

5MeO-DNB (Tryptamine Escape) The Album [ Artwork copyright © John Miszt. All Rights Reserved. ]

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