14 Mar 2016
Countdown Pic of Vape and Strips

I’ve been trying to quit tobacco for years now, had a few long runs of success (3 years longest); and after another hard struggle I’m just about to hit 4 months without tobacco – on the 25th of this month I’m ditching Nicotine too! 😀

Stocked up on emergency oral film type nicotine strips, just incase (i no longer get annoyed about sometimes needing a little boost, taking the “ah well” attitude has really helped, in the last 3 years, most I’ve managed is 48hrs – last time I quit for 3 years I was still Vaping, and although I tried to lower the dose repeatedly, eventually I ended up back on cigs)

But I’ve been weaning myself off nicotine for the last 4 months, down from 72mg per day, to <10mg now, and i'm finally down to a manageable level where i'm not vaping every few minutes; so now for the next 10 days i'm dropping 1mg a day until I hit ZERO; and will be using the 2.5mg strips as often as possible instead of vaping! On 25th, my vaporizer is getting packed away, a couple of emergency strips left out just incase, and I'll be officially a non-smoking-non-vaping-non-nicotine using normal person again wooo

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